Samoan Culture

Samoan Culture

Samoan Culture at Stevenson’s Resort

The Stevenson’s Resort is an epitome of the Samoan culture and architecture. A popular Samoan fale (house) which is traditionally thatched decorated with intricate Samoan carvings is a delight to the eyes during the Samoan cultural shows. It can also be used for recreational purposes.








You can find this typical style of fale along the coast where locals and tourist can sit down relax and take in the ocean breeze. Some fales will accommodate guest to stay with mosquitoes nets and other amenities. The Stevenson’s resort euro fale is very similar to being quite open enough to allow the ocean breeze but with secured and enclosed bathroom and toilet for privacy.

From stunning walkways to the classy office or the luxury suites and fale – each and every part of the resort showcases the Samoan culture. All through the week, there’s a lot of fun and frolic in the air with live cultural shows performed by the local Samoan villagers, as well as the staff of the Stevenson Resort.

The resort hosts several Samoan artists throughout the year to make the guests’ stay even more special with the essence of the Samoan culture.

The moment you extend your first step at the ferry terminal in Salelologa, you’ll start feeling the Samoan culture in the air and all around you. On your way to the resort, you’ll witness 25 beautiful villages; each comprising of warm meeting houses, grand churches, wandering herds of animals and cute little children waving at you, busy in their own little world with the local kilikiti to trimming the grass with the special Samoan bush knife. To see our guide on birds in Samoa and also right by our resort then check out this article

The Palolo Tale

Palolo is a delicacy of the South Pacific. You’ll be amazed to read the story of this pretty little coral worm that is found on the surface of the sea two times every year during its reproduction cycle. Samoan locals can easily predict the appearance of the worm by observing the position of the moon. Once the coral worm appears on the surface of the sea during the early morning hours, it is ladled off from the surface of the rustling waves with hand-crafted spoons and placed in baskets woven with flax. Nevertheless, the Samoan locals have to be really quick and collect the worms well before the sunrise. As soon as the first rays of the sun hit the surface of the sea, palolo disappears in the golden waters, and the collection stops.


The discovery of Palolo has given rise to a traditional local festival marked by the Samoan villagers celebrating the night before the rise of the coral worm, singing, and dancing on the beach. They also offer flowers to the sea waters. Basis the Samoan traditions, Palolo is cooked in the Samoan umu and tastes absolutely wonderful when deep-fried with onions to add a Western flavor.

The White Sunday

October’s second Sunday is known as White Sunday in the Samoan culture. It is a religious holiday dedicated to Samoan children. On this day, the children visit the church and indulge in cultural activities dressed in bright white clothes. The celebrations continue to the following Monday which is also a public holiday. On this day, a fete is organized for the children, and they are treated with their favorite food items.

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