Alofaaga Blowholes

Alofaaga Blowholes

Alofaaga Blowholes

Alofaaga Blowholes in Savaii

Situated on the scenic southwestern coastline near the village of Taga on the island of Savai’i, the Alofaaga Blowholes (also known as the Taga Blowholes) are accessible through the village of Taga after paying a small entrance fee.


The blowholes were formed by lava flows from a volcanic eruption that eventually created a series of tunnels connecting a flat clifftop of lava rock with the ocean below. Waves breaking against the seaward end of the tubes send water surging up through the tunnels at high pressure, creating jets of water that often top 70 feet in height. 


You can pay an additional small fee to have a local guide put on a show by dropping coconuts into the blowholes, which are then pushed back up by the surges of water – the coconuts rocket even higher than the water jet, easily reaching 100 feet or more.


blowholes Savaii

The area around the blowholes is unfenced and surrounded by wet and slippery rocks, so remember to wear non-slip footwear when visiting the blowholes. Don’t get too close in pursuit of the ultimate souvenir snap, either: falling into one of the blowholes would almost certainly be fatal. 

Another site of interest at the Alofaaga blowholes is Pa Sopo’ia Cave. Locals believe this cave is an ancient pathway where the spirits of the ancestors travel to reach the Devil’s Haden at Cape Mulinu’u, their final meeting place before they enter the spiritual world. Local tour guides will be able to show you the way. 

The Blowholes are open to the public every day from 8 am to 5 pm, except Sundays, when they are open from 12 pm to 5 pm. For the best show, come at high tide – and expect to get wet!

blowholes in Savaii

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